Do Something When You Are Young !


All about Pana

  • Luckily to be a human

    As a human, can learn the existing culture, creat new things, push things forward, Make world better.

  • Seeking realize self-value

    Life is short, time is limited, wanna do something to make a mark in human history, and have a meaningful life.

  • Hobby & love things

    Love sports: bicycling, running, skiing, surfing; movie, music and all the beautiful things.

  • Pro Noder

    Love and concentrate on Node.js. Good at Express, Socket.IO, Koa, MongoDB, ES6, module developing.

  • Work on high technologies

    Have faith that technologies (BigData, Internet of Things, AI, Robots) will change human's life completely.

  • I am Pana

    I am the Pana, i want and will do something when i am young.